STEP 02  Entry Overview

Block list

In advance, players have to select the first and second blocks to participate in the tournament.
In case the first block is full, second block might become the main block.
The priority of the decision of block is decided in order of arrival of QT registration.

≪East Japan≫
❶ Hokkaido/Tohoku Block ❷ Kanto Block
≪West Japan≫
❸ Chubu/Hokuriku Block

❹ Kansai Block

❺ Chushikoku/Kyushu/Okinawa Block

It is possible to challenge QT with several blocks, but the maximum number of the venue is limited to three venues regardless of blocks.  More than three venues cannot be accepted.


WDC QT Schedule

Red letters: Tournament venues held in the past

WDC QT has been postponed.
We will inform you again when the prospect of the event is up.