WDC Golf Tournament Organization

Website Terms of Use


[Article 1 Definition]

WDC Golf Tournament Organization (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") shall operate the website WDC TOUR (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") on the Internet for the purpose of providing golf tours, etc. based on these Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions are set forth in accordance with Article 3 of the Company and apply for membership to the Site, and the Company approves the application, grants membership, and allows the Company to use the service (hereinafter referred to as “Member”). Shall apply to any relationship between the use of the Service.


[Article 2 Change of Terms]

1. The Company may change or revise this Agreement at any time without obtaining the consent of the Member, and the Member shall accept this.

2. Changes to the preceding paragraph shall be announced to members at any time on the website of this site, on the members-only page established to provide this service to members, or through means deemed appropriate by the Company.


[Article 3 General Provisions]

Members shall fully comply with all terms and conditions set forth herein.


[Article 4 Type of this service]

The contents of the services that we provide to members are as follows.

Provision of golf tour and QT holding information.

Application reception service including settlement of participation fee for golf tour and QT.

Email delivery service.


[Article 5 Country of this service]

This service is provided worldwide.


[Article 6: Registration and conclusion of contract]

1. The person who wishes to register as a member, after accepting all the terms of this agreement, fills out the required items in the format prescribed by the Company and sends it to the Company via the Internet. The person who applied for registration shall not object to being deemed to have agreed to these Terms.

2. We will accept this registration application, conduct the necessary examination of the application, and if you accept the registration, we will lend a password to indicate the will of the member certification. The Member is responsible for the use and management of the User ID / Password, and the Company shall not be responsible for the Member's will for any damage caused by the Member's ID / Password being used by another third party. We do not take any responsibility irrespective of the presence or absence of.

3. In the event that the Company determines that the following items apply when registering as a member, the Company may not accept the registration, or may cancel the acceptance even after registration.

(1) When the person or organization that applied for does not exist

(2) When the applicant does not have an e-mail address that can send and receive

(3) The Membership is suspended due to a violation of the rules at the time of applying, or the site has been removed from the site due to a violation of the rules in the past.

(4) When there are false entries, mistakes, or omissions in the declaration items at the time of application

(5) The person is a quasi-prohibited or incompetent, and has not obtained the consent of a legal representative or a legal guardian when applying for membership

(6) When the Company determines that the application is intended for abuse

(7) Anti-social forces (gangs, gang members, gang members, gang-related companies, general assembly houses, social movements, special intelligence violence groups, and other equivalents.) The Company has determined that the Company has performed any kind of exchange or involvement with the anti-social forces, such as by cooperating or participating in the maintenance, operation, or management of the anti-social forces, etc. through funding or other means.

(8) In the event that the Company determines that the conclusion of the use contract is inappropriate


[Article 7 Management of ID and Password]

1. The member shall not disclose the ID / password lent by the Company to a third party without the prior consent of the Company.

2. The Member shall manage and use the ID and password lent by the Company at his / her own risk, and shall be responsible for any damage caused by insufficient management of the ID or password, error in use, or use by a third party, etc. You are responsible for it.

3. The Member shall immediately notify the Company if the ID or password lent by the Company is illegally used by a third party or is about to be used.

4. Members may take measures such as deleting ID / password or suspending use by applying to the Company if ID / password is illegally used by a third party or is about to be used. I can do it.


[Article 8 ① Prohibited Items]

Members shall not engage in any of the following items regarding the use of this service regardless of domestic or overseas.

(1) An act that leads to a criminal act or an act that may cause such a criminal act

(2) Acts that infringe on the property, privacy, portrait rights, etc. of others, or acts that may infringe on them

(3) Acts that infringe or may infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, etc. of the Company or others (both domestic and foreign)

(4) Acts that slander other people or damage their reputation or credibility.

(5) Pre-election campaigns, election campaigns or similar acts, and acts that violate the Public Office Election Law

(6) Acts that hinder the operation of this site or that damage our trust

(7) Acts such as transferring or using the rights held as a member to a third party (meaning the member and a person other than the Company), selling, changing the name, setting pledges, and providing other security.

(8) Any use of information obtained through this site beyond the scope of duplication, sale, publication or other private use without our approval

(9) Acts aimed at personal profit

(10) Act of transmitting harmful computer programs, etc.

(11) Act of falsifying information that can be used by this service

(12) Act of using this service by impersonating another person

(13) Any other act against the laws and regulations or public order and morals that gives disadvantage to other companies

(14) Use of this service by using a credit card illegally or illegally

(15) Profit provision to anti-social forces


[Article 9  Identification of Member]

1. Any contact or inquiry from the member to the Company shall be made by the member himself.

2. Members shall submit a document certifying their identity promptly upon request from the Company.

3. We will not issue a receipt from us for payment of the participation fee when applying for the tournament. Please check the transfer record on the receipt issued by the convenience store and the card withdrawal statement.


[Article 10 Disclaimer of Damage]

1. The Company shall not be liable for damages or losses, etc. incurred by members or third parties due to the use of this site service (including cases accompanied by its use), And shall not bear any responsibility.

2. If a member causes damage to a third party by using this service, the member shall compensate for this at his own expense and responsibility.

3. The Company does not guarantee the operation of any device or software used by members.


[Article 11 Claims for damages]

1. If a member violates these terms or uses this service illegally or illegally to cause damage to our company, we may make a reasonable claim against the member.

2. If a member neglects to manage the ID and password lent by the Company, resulting in damage to the Company, the Company may claim damages to the member accordingly.


[Article 12: Troubleshooting]

1. When a member discovers a defect in the use of this service, the member shall confirm that there is no failure in the equipment of the member himself and notify the company of the need for repair and restoration.

2. The Company will promptly respond if a failure occurs in the equipment or the Service, or if the equipment is lost and the need for repair or restoration is recognized.


[Article 13: Change of registration application items]

If any changes are made to the required information entered at the time of application for registration to the Company, the Member shall promptly carry out the change procedure according to the method specified by the Company. We will not be liable for any loss of membership due to failure to take the change procedure.


[Article 14 Management]

1. The Company shall be able to delete the information, text, etc. registered by the Member without prior notice to the Member, as necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Site.

2. The Company may change the service contents of this site without prior notice to the member, and the member accepts this.

3. The contents of this site shall be available to us at that time. The Company shall not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, applicability, usefulness, etc. of the information provided by the member, the text and software registered by the member, and shall not provide any information provided or registered by the member. We assume no responsibility.

4. The Company may disclose a part of the information and remarks (excluding the member's personal information) registered by the member to a third party without the consent of the member for the purpose of advertising activities and statistical data of this site. There is. However, personal information (name, address, e-mail address, etc.) that can identify individual members must be obtained in advance with the consent of the individual. The same shall apply after the Member has canceled this Site.

5. Members shall not exercise moral rights in the case of the preceding paragraph.

6. We may temporarily suspend the service without any prior notice to the member if any of the following occurs. In addition, our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by members or other third parties due to this.

(1) When the system of this site is maintained regularly or urgently

(2) When the communication line for this service cannot be used due to the cause of the first-class telecommunications carrier

(3) When this site cannot be provided due to fire, power outage, etc.

(4) When the site cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, and tsunamis

(5) When the site cannot be provided due to war, riot, riot, mayhem, labor dispute, etc.

(6) In addition, if our company judges that temporary suspension of this site is necessary due to operational or technical reasons * If we suspend provision of this service according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we will notify members in advance will do. However, this is not the case if it is urgent and unavoidable.

7. The Company shall not be liable for any damage to the data on this site due to any external factors (such as a system failure).

8. The Company can suspend the provision of this site after a notice period of one month and notify the members, and it can be deemed that all members have accepted it when displayed on the homepage of this site for one month will do. In addition, when the provision of this site is suspended, the Company shall be exempt from claiming damages from the member or third party due to the procedure described in the preceding paragraph.

9. If the Company determines that the content of a statement registered by a Member falls under Article 8 or is inappropriate, the Company may delete the said statement without any prior notice to the Member.

10. The Company shall be able to post information such as advertisements of third parties including the Company, or conduct questionnaire surveys, etc. on this Site including the members-only page, in a manner deemed appropriate by the Company without the prior consent of the Member. You.

11. Despite accepting applications for tours from members through this site, the Company shall be responsible if the application for members is not finalized.

12. Refunds for changes and cancellations of tours applied through this site will be made by the Company in accordance with the rules of the tour. However, this does not apply if the Company determines that the change or cancellation of the tour is attributable to the Company.

14. The "Usage Fee" received when applying for a tour through this site will not be refunded in any case.

15. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by members or third parties in connection with this site. However, this does not apply if the damage is caused by our intentional or gross negligence.